THE NLP CODE- Neuro-Linguistic Programming – NLP Training – Introduction Course

NLP Training Practitioner Module – The NLP Code

Neuro-Linguistic Programming – 3 Day Introduction to NLP

Uncovering The NLP Code – An introduction to NLP

Most of us understand that there is a gap.

  • There is a gap between who you have been, who you are right now, and who you want to be, who you know you can be, that better you.
  • There is a gap between the decisions you make today and the really wise decisions you want to make tomorrow.
  • There is a gap between the things you do every day today and the things you want to do to build a better life.
  • There’s a gap between the quality of the human relationships you have today and the great relationships you want in your future.
  • There is a gap between your ability to persuade and to influence today and the kind of powerfully influential person you want to be.
  • There’s a gap between what you are able to make happen today and the kind of achievements you want to make in your brighter future.

If you’ve been running into this gap… If you want to be able to not only bridge this gap but start on a path where you can help others to do the same, then you must understand one thing, one simple truth.

Once you know the Code, the things you used to dream about while you were coasting along living life as usual suddenly shift from idle daydreams into achievable reality.

The Code is the magic that can transform your life.

But the real question is, what IS this code I’m talking about?

The NLP Code

Neuro-linguistic programming (or NLP) examines the way that human beings encode our subjective experience.

In a way, it’s like suddenly getting an instruction manual to the human brain, so that you can read the code and make changes in a way that automatically and powerfully influence human feelings and behaviours.

Once you know the code, you can start to change your own life and the lives of those around you for the better… And better!

All it takes is your decision to make a difference in your life and to get started learning The NLP Code!

Come and Learn the NLP Code with Michael Perez

In this introduction to NLP, you’ll learn the practical basics of this magic, understanding how you and other people tick and how to make practical, powerful use of that. We’ll be exploring this in enough depth and with enough practice that, at the end of each day, you’ll have realworld skills that you can use in your life immediately!

Lots of people promise the moon and then fill trainings with lots of hype and wishful thinking, leaving participants feeling great for a while but not really able to do very much differently.

Michael Perez, a leader in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming for more than three decades, will engage with you personally and teach you how to apply the Code, work the magic and close the gap in your own life!

On The NLP Code, you’ll spend an amazing weekend learning:

  • How to use the mind-body connection and how your physiology affects your psychology, and vice versa!
  • How to change your feelings with ease
  • How to tap into unconscious wisdom and make better and more intuitive decisions that complement your rational thinking
  • How to shift the way that other people perceive you so that you become more influential and persuasive with them
  • How to accomplish and achieve more with your life and that more easily than ever

And all of this will be through experimentation, play and a one-of-a-kind educational environment that is absolutely nothing like school or conventional training programs! Instead, you’ll find yourself taking on new skills, having new insights and discovering more about yourself more easily than you ever have before.

Learn the Code.

Awaken the magic. And close the gap.

The NLP Code’ will be held on the dates and location as provided just below.

So, if you’re ready to learn The NLP Code and take your first step on developing these skills that will fundamentally change your approach to your life, your business and your relationships, the time to act is now.

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Only €400,00 incl. VAT
40% korting op deze opleiding met KMO-Portefeuille
Hypnose Praktijk is a certified institute by the Belgian government to offer KMO-Portefeuille. This means that you will get a 40% discount on all our trainings. Look here for more information. Our register number for the kmo-portefeuile is DV.O219903
This 3 day training is set to take place on the following dates:
Weekend: 25-26-27 May 2018

Here’s what leaders in the field are saying about Michael

International bestselling author of ‘Clarity’, teacher and coach Jamie Smart on the skills and abilities of Michael Perez as a therapist, trainer and coach.

“Michael… has great knowledge of NLP, great NLP skills and extraordinary hypnosis skills. He also has the kind of deep grounding that lets you know they’re coming from a place of being settled and grounded within him. So I have no hesitation giving him my highest recommendation.”

Internationally acclaimed NLP Trainer and innovator of NLP James Tsakalos talking about his experience with Michael Perez as a trainer, Nlp expert and hypnotist.

“This is a guy who is both a walking encyclopedia of kind of the intersection of NLP, Hypnosis and Neurology. And he is someone who has crazy hypnosis skills! I’ve never seen anyone who can trance people the fuck out… like he’s just got some crazy magic.”

NLP training group sizes

Michael works with small groups in order to assure one-on-one time with each and every student during his NLP Trainings. That means class sizes are necessarily limited and once the training is full, that’s that. And due to his NLP and Hypnosis trainings around the world, Michael teaches Neuro-Linguistic Programming only once a year in Belgium. So act quickly to avoid disappointment.

Isn’t it time to step across that gap and become the person you know you’ve always been meant to be? As you click that link and register for this training, understand that you are taking your first steps into a much wider world. And as you begin the journey, step across that gap and become the person who knows the Code, you’ll look back on this moment and be happy you took that step today.

The bridge from The NLP Code to NLP Recoded

This 3 day training is designed as an introduction for and the first module of the complete 21 day NLP Practitioner training – NLP Recoded. You can see the entire training program here. This course is the perfect introduction, so that you can ensure that the ‘NLP Recoded‘ 21 Day Practitioner Training is right for you. Or if you have already decided, you can book the full 21 day NLP Practitioner program here.

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NLP for Therapeutic Use

It was when teaching these NLP trainings that Michael began to hear from his students, sometimes weeks and months later, telling him about the profound changes that they were experiencing personally as a result of what they had learned and experienced on the training.
Although Michael first learned to do and to teach NLP to help business people communicate, the power of the material to change people’s lives, resolve problems and create new and better feelings and behaviours was remarkable.
So Michael began working, at first part time and later full time, as a coach and a facilitator, helping people to resolve problems and to increase performance and life satisfaction.

Hypnosis / Neuropsychology

Inspired by edge cases that pushed Michael to the limits of his abilities, he also spent years developing his skills as a hypnotist and studying the neuroscientific revolution, applying these insights and integrating them into both his coaching and facilitation and his trainings, always with an emphasis on making the material even more powerful and more broadly effective.

Chronic Pain and Recovery

It was in the early 2000’s, just a few years after moving to Europe, that Michael faced his greatest challenge. Diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the spine, a chronic, degenerative and untreatable condition, he was soon bedridden, crippled and in constant overwhelming pain.
It took 3 years, but Michael was able to learn to use his NLP and hypnosis skills, plus some new skills he developed, to learn to control his pain and, later to walk and live life normally again. This use of his skills and abilities further highlighted Michael’s mastery of real, practical mind/body ‘magic’.

Public Trainings and NLP Community Mentor

After regaining his mobility, Michael decided to teach hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to people outside of the corporate setting going forward, as he felt this information should be in everyone’s hands and not just the privileged few.
Michael quickly found a reputation as a ‘walking encyclopaedia of NLP’. And he was well known for taking clients others could not help, as a ‘court of last resort’.
The largest online NLP community at the time honoured Michael as their ‘Community Mentor’.

Present: Trainer, Hypnotist, Coach

Michael continues to conduct Hypnosis and NLP trainings around the world. He also continues to work with private clients.

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Location : Antwerpen

Tulip Inn
Potvlietlaan 2
2600 Berchem

Practical Information

40% Kmo-korting (discount)
We offer 40% kmo-korting (discount) on this training. Look here for more information. Our registration number for the kmo-portefeuille is DV.O219903
Included in the price during this entire NLP Training: unlimited refreshments such as coffee, tea, water, snacks and fruit.
Overnight accomodation and meals are not included in the price in order to keep the price for the training low. There are however multiple lodging and food locations in the area of the venue within walking distance.
At the end of this NLP training you will receive a certification of attendance! A signed certification as NLP Practitioner will be delivered to participants who actively follow the entire NLP Practitioner training and can successfully demonstrate their learned skills.
Prerequisites & Language
There are no prerequisites for this training. Everything you need to know to do the material covered in the training will be covered in the training. This NLP Training will be provided in English.
Repetition & Support
At the event that you may feel the need to refresh certain parts of the training later, this will be possible for €50 per day. You will also receive additional support even after the training from our team of experienced hypnotherapists as well as from Michael Perez himself.

Your Nlp trainer

Neuro linguistic Programming Michael Perez

Who is Michael Perez?

The creator of ‘The Neuron Code’ Michael Perez is a trainer and a practicing hypnotist and coach, born in the United States and now living in Europe.

IT Life

In his early career, Michael worked in IT, where he ran into the challenge of teaching communications skills to computer technicians. This was when Michael started his journey first learning and then teaching Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a methodology for understanding how people think, how they communicate and how they experience the world.
Michael studied with many of the creators of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, forming a broad understanding of the field and developing a wide and deep NLP skill set.

NLP for Business Communication

Working for leading multinationals, Michael taught applications of NLP: influential communications, effective negotiation, life satisfaction and work/life balance.
He custom-designed NLP trainings for technicians, salespeople, managers and, eventually, corporate leadership.
Michael also used these skills as a highly successful ‘sales engineer’, negotiator, performance modeller and coach. And he taught others to do the same.