NLP RECODED – Neuro-Linguistic Programming – NLP Training – 21 Day Practitioner

NLP Training – Practitioner Module – NLP Recoded

Neuro-Linguistic Programming – 21 Day NLP Practitioner Training

A Full-Length, Up-to-Date Approach to NLP Practitioner Training

You’d like to live an amazing life. And you’d like to share that gift with others. …But you know that important elements of this always seem out of reach.

You’d like to be a powerful positive influence on the people around you. You’d like to change minds, to change hearts and maybe even to help people when they need it most. …But you know what it’s like when real, lasting change seems impossible.

You’ve heard change is hard, but you also know that, sometimes, deep and lasting change, powerful change to last a lifetime, can happen in just a moment when everything is just right. But how do those rare moments happen, and why?

And can they be made to happen on purpose? Is there some ‘secret code’ to unlocking human potential so that we can influence the lives of others? Or, more importantly, ourselves?

Maybe you are (or you’d like to be) a therapist or coach. Maybe you lead teams. Maybe you’re a negotiator or salesperson. Or perhaps a teacher.

Or maybe you just want to be excellent and influential in whatever you do.

Is there one thing that we can learn which get us past all those limitations, all those frustrations, one thing that can help us to understand, to communicate, to change and to influence ourselves and those around us most easily, most naturally and most profoundly?

Is there a code? And if so, what is it and how do we master it?

NLP: The Secret Code?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is about cracking the code behind the magic of how people experience the world and how that causes them to do what they do, for better, for worse or even for excellent.

Where did NLP Come From?

NLP was first developed in the mid–70s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, based on previous work by people like Noam Chomsky and Alfred Korzybski, among others.

Their first exemplars for their initial models included Fritz Perls, the father of Gestalt therapy, Virginia Satir, famous family therapist and Dr. Milton H. Erickson, arguably the greatest and certainly the most innovative and influential hypnotist of the 20th century.

Bandler and Grinder collaborated until the end of the 1970s and then, working separately, they and many other people began to add important models and distinctions to the field.

Eventually this resulted in the original NLP work from the 1970s being referred to by some as ‘Classic Code’ and the newer material by Bandler, Grinder and others being referred to under various names.

What is NLP?

NLP is, at its core, a modelling discipline. To be clear, we’re not talking about modelling on the catwalk!

We’re actually talking about a group of skills and methodologies for creating models of human experience, a way of mapping the subtle, unconscious patterns that people use to create their experience the world and the way that they do what they do.

The Power of the Code

Once you can ‘read’ these patterns, you can understand what separates the way a ‘genius’ or ‘prodigy’ performs versus a more average performer. You can use that information to turn regular performers into superior performers.

Once you learn the code and you learn to see, hear and feel the unconscious patterns that create excellence, you can learn them and teach them to others, and maybe most importantly, use the patterns of excellence and make them a part of your own life!

And it’s not just about getting things done at work. It’s also about living a more satisfied life, one with more happiness, more joy and more of what you want. And helping other folks to do the same.

It also allows you to understand how people perform badly or dysfunction. If you understand the ‘bugs’ in the ‘programming’, you can help people to change subtle, unconscious patterns in their behaviour, so they can move past problems that seemed like they were impossible to solve!

You’ll also learn the attitudes, skill-sets and patterns that create lasting and profound change at a deep, unconscious level.

So you’ll understand the difference between poor, average and excellent performers, and you can help people transform and become excellent!

Finally, in addition to all of this, you’ll learn to become an extraordinary communicator.

From Power to Super Power!

These powers of observation, insight and influence go way beyond simple pattern spotting and replication. Once you can really understand another person’s subjective experience, it’s almost like gaining a superpower!

You’ll understand how to ‘read’ other people so that you can understand aspects of their thinking and of their experience of the world that they themselves are not conscious of.

This gives you profound insight into their thoughts, their motivations and their behaviours.

And you can use that insight to be almost supernaturally influential.

You’ll learn to understand what people really mean by what they say.

And you’ll learn how to communicate in a way that not only gets your point across, but is deeply and powerfully influential.

You’ll be able to win friends, influence people and change minds.

Although some people use these skills in the context of therapy or coaching, any professional communicator, manager or people person will find that NLP is a total game-changer.

And anyone who wants to understand others and themselves better in any area of life will find this to be not only valuable but life-changing.

So, maybe you’ve decided to take action and to become a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming by taking one of the legendary, life-changing NLP Practitioner trainings!

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The Problem with the State of NLP Training

Unfortunately, after taking the time to learn a bit more about Neuro-Linguistic Programming, many prospective students find that most modern trainings are a shadow of what they used to be in NLP’s ‘early days’.

The weeks of essential training, demonstration, practice, feedback, coaching that lead to the deep, powerful acquisition of NLP skills and attitudes have often been abandoned in favour of short and tight training schedules, speeches from behind podiums or ‘improvisational’ training by PowerPoint presentations.

The Problem: ‘Accelerated’ Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainings

Imagine you wanted to learn ballroom dancing. Or a martial art. Or a language.

Now imagine that someone promised to take you from zero to proficient in a 21 day ‘boot camp’ style training.

Sounds like a tight schedule, but with so many complete days of intensive study and practice, great instructors and dedicated practice partners, it becomes just feasible.

Now imagine that 21 days becomes 7 days. Or 3 days. Or even 1 Day. But, they promise you to teach you the same material to the same level of skill in a fraction of the time.

Even though so much of the competence comes from teaching, supervision, feedback, repetition and practice, they promise that somehow, all that practice is replaced with ‘unconscious installation’ and you won’t need to practice, you’ll just be skilful automatically.

Now, imagine you’re being taught something just as practical and even more complex and skilloriented, like how to model subjective human experience, how to read people and how to communicate, influence and make profound change elegantly and transparently.

Does a week sound like time enough? A weekend? A day?

And even with some home study, how does that give you enough time to get the skills down so that they become instinctive and unconscious, the only way these kinds of skills really work the way they should?

Practical experience confirms that the obvious is true. All things being equal, a week is not enough for the learning of the basic NLP mindset, models and skillsets to a level of good competence. The level where you learn the real magic of the Code, of NLP.

The Problem: ‘Franchise’ NLP Trainings

Many times, in certain NLP camps, NLP trainings are approached like franchise opportunities.

There is an effort put on creating a training product that reaches the lowest common denominator standard of acceptable.

They seek to be to NLP what McDonald’s is to a restaurant. Not great, maybe not even that good, but acceptable and predictable, because it’s standardised and can be delivered by people with a reasonably small amount of skill or experience.

The material is taught out of binders and trainers work from scripts and PowerPoint presentations.

And, this kind of training would probably work fine if they were teaching people how to flip burgers or even how to do accounting.

However, NLP is about spontaneous, improvisational conversational flexibility and reacting to circumstances in the moment.

NLP is simply not very much like a fast food franchise, so structuring trainings based on that model can result in unfortunate experiences for students.

The Problem: ‘Ageing’ Content and ‘Fluff’

Many trainings are based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming as the field existed at various times in its history. There are ‘Classic code’ trainings focusing on the late 70s and early 80s and then another generations of NLP Trainings updated in the 1990s.

However, many times these trainings do not reflect important changes that have happened in cognitive neuroscience, in linguistics or even important developments in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Since its inception, NLP has ties to disciplines like hypnosis. And most good NLP Trainings will include some NLP in the context of hypnotic work.

However, some trainings even insert other disciplines that are not part of the core NLP structure like some ethnic spiritual practices or other material that, while it might have some merit on its own, is not really NLP, nor does it enhance the learning and practice of NLP.

The Problem: Trainings and NLP ‘Tribes’ or ‘Factions’

Another issue with many NLP Trainings is that they are from a specific ‘camp’ or ‘lineage’ where the work of one particular cofounder of NLP or early/charisma trainer is valued over other approaches.

Although this kind of focus can be useful, a good foundational understanding of NLP often focuses on many different approaches to the subject, so that practitioners have broader mindsets and more options to choose from when choosing how to approach a given situation.

So a ‘multidisciplinary’ approach to broad-spectrum understanding of NLP can be valuable.

So, perhaps you’re asking yourself the question, “If NLP is such a valuable skill set, but many modern trainings are so fraught with potential pitfalls, how can I find a training designed to give me not just a certificate but will empower me the way that NLP has the potential to do, once I truly embody it?”

I guess it’s not going to come as a great shock to learn that this is exactly what we have created for you!

The Solution — NLP Recoded

Long time NLP industry expert Michael Perez has created ‘NLP Recoded’, a 21 day skills and ability oriented NLP training, updated for the 21st century.

Short? Long enough

The original ‘standard’ Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner trainings were 21 days. And although some innovations in training and some revisions to the material have allowed some things to be taught in a shorter period of time while still allowing playfully participating students to learn the basics to a high degree of skill, more material has emerged that mean the real fundamentals of NLP still take about 21 full days of training to teach bright and curious people like you to basic competence, where you do things unconsciously and automatically in the right circumstances.

A Franchise Slideshow? Real NLP training, demonstrations and hands-on practice

Just as a good conversation is improvisational and adjusted to the circumstances in the moment and the people in the room with you, so is NLP when delivered in a masterful way.

So, you’ll learn from Michael in a way that is constantly being improvised from tried-and-true structures that underlie that improvisation.

The result is a nontraditional training unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

You’ll listen to stories, go into altered states of consciousness, watch demonstrations of communication and ‘NLP changework’ performed both by Michael and, eventually, by you and your fellow students.

And you’ll practice all of the skills, attitudes and patterns you learn over and over again, with constant feedback from Michael and his assistants.

By the time you’re done, these things will be second nature to you and you’ll know Neuro-Linguistic Programming well enough to get out into the world and start using it effectively with the people around you.

Old Content? The Latest NLP Material, Recoded from the Latest Neuropsychology and Linguistics

Instead of being stuck in the 70s or the 90s or having your training padded out with things from outside of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, ‘NLP Recoded’ will give you a grounding in fundamental NLP made even more powerful by incorporating insights from the modern neuroscientific resolution as well as the sweeping changes in linguistics that came with new thinking about metaphor and embodied cognition as the basis for human language and thinking.

There simply isn’t another training on the market that is as thoroughly up-to-date as ‘NLP Recoded’.

Narrow Partisan Focus? Multi-disciplinary NLP Fusion, the Best of the Best

You learn an amazing integrated approach to NLP when you learn ‘NLP Recoded’. Elements of ‘classic code’, New Code, Systemic and other takes on NLP are all brought together in a way that holistically integrates them so that you can take insights from all of them and do them easily!

This is NLP, Recoded.

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Only €2800,00 incl. VAT
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Hypnose Praktijk is a certified institute by the Belgian government to offer KMO-Portefeuille. This means that you will get a 40% discount on all our trainings. Look here for more information. Our register number for the kmo-portefeuile is DV.O219903
Dates for the NLP Recoded - Complete 21 Day Training:
1st Weekend: 25-26-27 May 2018 (this is also ‘The NLP Code‘ module of the complete 21 day training)
2nd Week: 24-25-26-27-28-29 September 2018
3rd Week: 08-09-10-11-12-13 October 2018
4th Week: 22-23-24-25-26-27 October 2018
PS: there will be 2 makeup days offered during the training. So if you can’t make a day or two of the training, no worries! Michael will offer a couple of ‘catch-up days’ (free of charge) so you don’t miss a thing. (Catch-up days scheduling to be announced when the training starts.)

Here’s what leaders in the field are saying about Michael

International bestselling author of ‘Clarity’, teacher and coach Jamie Smart on the skills and abilities of Michael Perez as a therapist, trainer and coach.

“Michael… has great knowledge of NLP, great NLP skills and extraordinary hypnosis skills. He also has the kind of deep grounding that lets you know they’re coming from a place of being settled and grounded within him. So I have no hesitation giving him my highest recommendation.”

Internationally acclaimed NLP Trainer and innovator of NLP James Tsakalos talking about his experience with Michael Perez as a trainer, Nlp expert and hypnotist.

“This is a guy who is both a walking encyclopedia of kind of the intersection of NLP, Hypnosis and Neurology. And he is someone who has crazy hypnosis skills! I’ve never seen anyone who can trance people the fuck out… like he’s just got some crazy magic.”

The Structure of ‘NLP Recoded’

Because we understand that not many people can afford to take 21 days away from work, family or other commitments, we’ve designed the 21 day structure around three-day weekends.

We understand that not all students will be able to attend every day (although, of course, we encourage this if at all possible!), so there will be two makeup days offered during the training. So if you can’t make a day or two of the training, no worries! Michael will offer a couple of ‘catch-up days’ (free of charge) so you don’t miss a thing. (Catch-up days scheduling to be announced when the training starts.)

Each day is a full day of training. And there will usually be opportunities for class lunches and dinners so that folks can practice and talk about what they’ve learned and ask further questions.

It should be noted that this is an extremely nontraditional learning experience. The manual is given out only upon the completion of the training and emphasis is placed upon listening, engagement and participation rather than note-taking and memorisation.

When studying the art and science of understanding subjective experience, your full engagement with your subjective experience is key.

Who is this for

This training is for you if you would like to have a deeper understanding of human beings.

More than just understanding, though, you want to know how to practically apply that understanding as a person of influence, a trainer, a modeller, a coach, a therapist, a teacher or in your everyday life.

The emphasis in this training will be on utilisation and practical skills, not just the simple acquisition of knowledge.

Michael’s teaching style makes use of implicit, unconscious learning as well as explicit, conscious explanation. It’s a challenging training and there’s no PowerPoint and bullet points to rely on. And some things (strategically) won’t make sense immediately, but they will make sense as the training develops further. And it will all come together in time.

While certain hypnotic patterns are used as a necessary part of the teaching of this material, you will have both a cognitive understanding of NLP as well as an instinctive ability to do NLP by the end of the training.

In addition to conversations and practical demonstrations, there will be many opportunities to practice NLP, both with other students and with people not participating in the training.

Your individual progress will be carefully monitored and you will receive personal attention to make sure that you can do NLP.

It starts with ‘The NLP Code

There are no prerequisites for this training. Everything you need to know to do the material covered in the training will be covered in the training. However it’s important to note that the first 3 day weekend module of this training is also available separately as ‘The NLP Code’. As this is also the first segment of the complete training, please keep in mind that you must attend ‘The NLP Code’ weekend training first before attending the remaining 18 days.

What you’ll learn with this NLP Training

This training teaches you the basis of NLP modelling and the psychology of influence and excellence; how to see it in others, how to do it yourself and how to coach others in doing it for themselves.

This training teaches how to model the basic structure of subjective human experience and then how to make changes in that structure to increase performance. You will be able to understand, to perform and to teach those structures of behavioural excellence to others.

You’ll also learn how to subtly and not so subtly influence people; to lead them, to motivate them and show them how they can do whatever they do at the best of their potential.

  • You’ll understand how to look past ‘poker faces’ and ‘read’ someone’s body to understand their mental processes.
  • You’ll learn how to correct for common fundamental thinking errors which prevent most people from accurately understanding others or from seeing past our own occasional poor thinking and persistent mental biases.
  • You’ll learn to listen for hidden structures in everyday language to understand people’s internal thinking patterns.
  • You’ll learn to track people’s preferred communication styles and functional metaphors so that you can tell people things in the way that they need to hear it so you can make your communication uniquely understandable and influential.
  • You’ll learn the difference between communicating with someone on a rational, logical level and communicating with them in a way that accesses their deeper, more emotional and more primal thinking to help people change their thoughts and feelings in a profound way.
  • You’ll learn the science and art of ethical persuasion and influence.
  • You learn the basic structure of conversational hypnosis and you’ll be able to put people into trances and elicit hypnotic phenomena, including sleep-like states, arm levitation and unconscious signaling.
  • You’ll learn how to help people transition into different emotional states, increase their response potential to suggestion, to be more tuned in to their better instincts and wisdom and to change their emotional outlook with just a gesture or a word.
  • You’ll learn the difference between physiological and psychological patterns of excellence, as well as how to spot and change those patterns that make excellence difficult or impossible.
  • You’ll learn how to make better decisions and how to help other people to do the same.
  • You’ll learn the structure of turning fear into courage, of turning anxiety into playfulness and procrastination into motivation.
  • You’ll understand the structure of a positive feedback cycle and how to structure communications and interactions in a way that gives you an optimal chance at success.
  • You learn how to systematically achieve things in your life without self-sabotage or procrastination getting in your way, and you’ll learn to help others do the same.
  • In the final analysis, you’ll be a deeply influential person with a profound understanding of yourself and of everyone else you’ll ever meet and you’ll know what you can practically do to help people better enjoy their lives and do more, better things in the process!

Areas of focus will include:

  • ‘Reading’ People
  • Communication
  • Influence
  • Leadership
  • Wisdom
  • Intuition and flow
  • Changing states, mindsets and feelings
  • Self development
  • A foundation for Therapy and Coaching

No Magic Bullet – Neuro-Linguistic Programming

This NLP skill-set, which includes all of the things that we’ve talked about here… The ability to understand someone else, the ability to powerfully and ethically influence them and the different-but-also-crucial skill-set of understanding and helping yourself is valuable, but it also requires hard work and real commitment over time.

There is no magic bullet.

There’s no magic wand or passive experience that will allow you to be able to do these things without a significant amount of work, practice and commitment on your part.

That being said, if you’re willing to really engage with Michael in this process, this training environment and structure will facilitate you doing everything you need to do to have a foundational set of skills that will allow you to begin to do real and powerful NLP.

But this is about making a commitment. And Michael will do his very best to make sure that keeping your commitment to learning and practicing Neuro-Linguistic Programming is not only possible but fun, exciting and deeply fulfilling.

So… This is not a magic wand and will require you to make an effort in learning it, but Michael will help you to keep it fun and the hard work will pay off with an extraordinary set of skills.

Scientific Studies about NLP

There have been more than 200 scientific studies done to examine the effects of NLP Patterns (see . More research is currently being performed to further test the effectiveness of Neuro-Linguistic Programming on various grounds. You can read about more clinical studies in the book “The Clinical Effectiveness of Neurolinguistic Programming: A Critical Appraisal (Advances in Mental Health Research)” available on amazon.

To Insure Your Seat and Avoid Disappointment, Book Your Place Now!

As we said before, Michael does real training. This is not about a big audience watching a cheerleader at the front of the room!

If you’re ready to learn the code and harness the transformational power of NLP in your own life, keep in mind that spaces are strictly limited to keep class sizes optimal.

And once seats are sold, the next training may be months or even a year away.

So if you’re ready to take advantage of this unique opportunity, now is the time to book your place and get started on the best of the rest of your life with NLP!

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Location : Antwerpen

Tulip Inn
Potvlietlaan 2
2600 Berchem

Practical Information

40% Kmo-korting (discount)
We offer 40% kmo-korting (discount) on this training. Look here for more information. Our registration number for the kmo-portefeuille is DV.O219903
On completion of the course, you’ll receive a workbook covering the basic concepts, patterns and techniques of NLP to aid you as a reference and a guide for ongoing practice. Also included in the price during this entire NLP Training: unlimited refreshments such as coffee, tea, water, snacks and fruit.
Overnight accomodation and meals are not included in the price in order to keep the price for the training low. There are however multiple lodging and food locations in the area of the venue within walking distance.
Prerequisites & Language
Prerequisites: ‘The NLP Code‘, the first 3 days of this complete 21 day NLP practitioner course, is booked and sold separately. Click here to check availability and book your place on ‘The NLP Code‘. This NLP Training will be provided in English.
Repetition & Support
At the event that you may feel the need to refresh certain parts of the training later, this will be possible for €50 per day. You will also receive additional support even after the training from our team of experienced hypnotherapists as well as from Michael Perez himself.
Catch up days
There will be 2 makeup days offered during the training. So if you can’t make a day or two of the training, no worries! Michael will offer a couple of ‘catch-up days’ (free of charge) so you don’t miss a thing. (Catch-up days scheduling to be announced when the training starts.)

Your Nlp trainer

Neuro linguistic Programming Michael Perez

About NLP Recoded Training Designer and Teacher, Michael Perez

Michael Perez, a world-renowned teacher and trainer, who is highly respected within the field.

Michael brings his more than three decades of experience as a teacher, coach, hypnotist and NLPer to bear in helping you to become even more extraordinary as you learn the art and science of excellence at a deep, profound and instinctive level.

Jamie Smart, Trainer, Coach and Best selling Author of personal development hits like Clarity and Results says, “Michael demonstrates deep, embodied mastery of NLP and extraordinary hypnosis skills. My highest recommendation.”

Michael’s emphasis on a broad approach to multiple styles of NLP, his focus on skill and ability, his multi-decade experience with practical application, his patience and his humour make him a unique and uniquely effective teacher of the skill-set.

Much like Bruce Lee’s approach to his martial art, Jeet Kun Do, in NLP, flexibility, optionality and flow are key to powerful and elegant action.

“Be Like Water, my Friend” — Bruce Lee

So, also like Bruce Lee’s art, taking many ways of doing things from different styles, finding the commonalities and integrating them into one style has proven to be a surprisingly powerful approach in creating spontaneous, improvisational and flexible practitioners.

Michael is proud to use his years of expertise to help you learn the Code and become who you are when you know and use the magic of NLP!