Hypnotic Parts Therapy: working with parts of the subconscious

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Hypnotic Parts Therapy: working with parts of the subconscious

Working with parts of the subconscious brings fast and powerful changes in your clients. With hypnosis you can access specific parts of the subconscious mind (for example the part that makes your client smoke) and apply direct changes so that your clients notice immediate and phenomenal changes during the session!

So it is perfectly possible for a client to come in as a smoker, and leave as a non-smoker. Or that a client comes in with grief (bereavement) and leaves without any feeling of emptiness, loss or sadness. Or what do you think of a client who comes in with chronic backache and leaves without any pain? This and even more is possible with the use of parts therapy.

When can you apply Hypnotic Parts Therapy?

We work with hypnotic parts therapy in almost all of our sessions. Working with parts can be applied to almost any problem and symptomatic treatment, such as:

  • Losing weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Craving sweets
  • Addictions (all types)
  • Sexual problems
  • Depression
  • Pain (disappears immediately during the session)
  • Sleeping problems
  • Fears & phobias
  • Eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, always wanting to eat…)
  • Nail biting
  • Bedwetting
  • Self confidence
  • Blushing
  • Stage fright
  • Bereavement
  • And much more!

Working with parts ensures for amazing and immediate results in a minimum number of sessions.

Two to three sessions are sufficient for most problems, whereby the clients notice big changes from the first session.

Working with parts therapy: in detail

Any automatic behavior that we have (such as craving sweets, fears, addictions etc.) is caused by a part of our subconscious. This can also be a feeling that bothers you, such as sadness, fear, insecurity or a habit that you’ve had for 30 years, such as smoking, nail biting, eating when stressed etc. Each automatic behavior that we display is carried out by a part of us.

Working with parts of the subconscious mind is like working with a manager.

These ‘parts’ are very similar to senior management in an actual business.

The senior management (part) of the person has one goal: improving the business (the business = you).

And another way to describe this is as follows: these managers (parts of you) have an active role in managing specific behavior or emotions within the business… the business that is you. The behavior could be a phobia, a feeling (eg. low self esteem), an eating disorder, an addiction (such as smoking, alcohol etc.)

The interesting thing about this all, is that just like with any management system, this management system sometimes makes mistakes.

There is confusion, information is unclear, data is misinterpreted, the way things are done is outdated and after a certain amount of time, priorities change. It could be that you have a behavior that was ok when you were three years old (eg. fear of spiders) but is no longer wanted when you are thirty-three years old. So it is an outdated program that requires an update.

It is important to understand that these managers (part of yourself) never sleep, never go into trance, never dream; they are always working.

In fact, as soon as a part of you that causes the problematic behavior is created, all communication with that part is closed off. What that part is still doing is waiting for the input trigger to automatically respond to it. (eg. The input trigger is: seeing a spider. Your part’s automatic response to this = making you feel fear.)

How a part is created

Take for example a three year old child that sees his mother respond in fear to a big spider. The child ‘learns’ from the mother that spiders are very dangerous animals. A part is immediately created by the subconscious to ‘protect’ the child from spiders by creating a fear of spiders.

Part at work

So, as soon as it is time to create that fear (when you see a spider), that part will do its job and ‘protect’ you against the spider by making you feel fear, just like the part learned thirty years ago when you were only three years old!

Because there was no communication with that part that created the fear for spiders, you could not reach that part and tell it that spiders are not necessarily dangerous and that you do not longer wish to be afraid of them.

So, although we benefit from this kind of automatic behaviors, we can also fall victim to them as demonstrated with the example above.

By using hypnosis and working with parts – hypnotic parts therapy – we have the opportunity to communicate directly with these parts.

Immediate & lasting behavioral changes with parts therapy

By realizing that these parts control how we automatically respond to situations, plus the fact that we can communicate with them directly, you have the opportunity to make significant, direct, powerful and lasting changes in a person’s behavior.


  • This course is momentarily only available in Dutch!
  • Course lasts a 2 full days
  • You will receive a certificate upon completion!


Location: Antwerp - Gent - Hasselt

We provide this training all over Belgium.
Exact adress of the venue to be specified soon.


Workbook, scripts and a certificate upon completion.
Meal, drinks and refreshments excluded!
Knowledge of basic hypnosis is required.
You will receive a certificate upon completion of the training!

Your trainer

Walter Callebaut Hypnotherapeut

Wie is Walter Callebaut?

Walter is een van de beste hypnose trainers wanneer het aankomt op directe hypnose en in het bijzonder de virtuele maagband. Zijn hele carrière staat in teken van het helpen van mensen. In deze functies was hij voortdurend bezig het beste uit mensen naar boven te halen. En het was met hypnose dat het hem duidelijk werd dat hij veel meer kon bereiken.

Walter Callebaut heeft als gedreven hypnotherapeut al menigeen succesvol geholpen met zijn uitzonderlijke kennis en kunnen met de virtuele maagband.  Hypnose wordt een heel krachtige tool in zijn handen waarmee hij ongewenste zaken voorgoed weet om te keren en gewenste zaken te versterken.

Zijn aandacht  voor zijn klanten en cursisten wordt uitzonderlijk aangenaam ervaren. Met jarenlange vergaarde kennis en een hypnotische stem leidt hij velen op om hun hypnotische potentieel te ontdekken en hypnosetechnieken succesvol uit te voeren.