Clinical Hypnotism Seminar by Barry Thain: 2 Days

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Clinical Hypnotism: a 2-day Hypnotic Seminar by Barry Thain - C.Ht


Rare seminar to cover groundbreaking hypnosis topics, by world-renowned clinical hypnotist Barry Thain.

Mark your calendars for the weekend of 25 & 26 November 2017. One of the most brilliant Clinical Hypnotists, Barry Thain, will be presenting a two-day seminar covering his latest studies and research in hypnology and hypnosis as a tool for both forming and breaking habits.

We’re so excited about this seminar because Barry will be making an unusual visit to our practice in Antwerp Belgium to share his latest findings. In his three-decade career as a leading Clinical Hypnotist, Barry has held only a handful of seminars making this a rare opportunity to learn from the legend himself.

And when we say rare, that’s exactly what we mean.

As talented and revolutionary as he is, Barry is particularly defiant against being considered a “guru”. Preferring the term therapist, he treats patients from 09:00 on Monday to 18:00 on Friday and spends his evening and weekends with his family – not what you’d expect from someone that has inspired, taught and blazed a path for some of the world’s best hypnotherapists. In fact, his last seminar was over six years ago in 2011 when he held his Clinical Hypnotism in Practice Seminar (CHiPS).

Let me tell you more about Barry...

Let’s start with this INCREDIBLE VIDEO! (You Must watch this!)


A resume that speaks for itself.

Barry Thain Advanced HypnosisBarry has been a Clinical Hypnotist for more than 20 years (including 11 years with the National Health Service). He uses hypnosis to treat people for a vast range of physiological and psychological issues, and his methods and techniques are the foundation and inspiration behind many of the most notable hypnotists today.

He gave Jeff Stephens the Through Zero deepener
Larry Elman, the son of Dave Elman, teaches Barry’s ‘Blind Elman’ induction
Barry invented the term ‘Relaxotherapy’, and restored ‘Hypnotee’ to the lexicon
His Mindsci group was the inspiration for Philippe Miras’ Hypnose group
He is ‘the’ “Hypno Therapist” on Amazon’s Echo interface with the Internet of Things
This list goes on and on!

Now let’s talk about the seminar…

The reason Barry holds so few seminars is because he doesn’t believe in holding a seminar just for the sake of teaching, he holds them to share new information. It won’t be a seminar that covers the same old things you’ve heard others teach over and over again. His seminars are packed with powerful information and tools that are backed by science and personal experience and beneficial enough to actually use in practice.

What you will learn during this seminar:

You will not find Barry regurgitating anything you were taught in hypno-school. Everything he will cover is borne of his own experience over the last 23 years.

Barry doesn’t want to tell you how to do your job, but he will tell you how he works (and destroy a few myths along the way). You will adopt and adapt things to suit your personality and your practice.

What you’ll learn on this two day clinical hypnotism seminar :

Dictionary Hypnotism

Inherent Hypnotizability

Effective Hypnotizability

Neurological (Fixed) Components

Psychological (Variable) Components

The Field of Hypnotizability

Implications for Therapy

Clinical Hypnotism



Symptom-centric Therapy

Device-centric Therapy

Patient-centric Therapy

Methods of Work





Case Histories

Unilateral Inductions

Bilateral Inductions

Negative Interventions

COPE Education

The Discharging Session

Digital Techniques


Facebook Live

Amazon Echo

And much more!

Barry cures stammer in one session

Most brains do hypnosis, some brains just don't

Why expecting social compliance is really hurting your session

Your clients hypnotizability is not your issue

The truth about losing control during a session

Are analytical clients really hard to hypnotize ?

In his own words:

“There are many theoretical frameworks for what I do as hypnotherapist, and they are all, more or less, wrong. That is, they either fail to explain some aspect of my experience as a hypnotherapist, or are flatly contradicted by it. The same is true of every model of hypnotherapy that I had developed. For the last few years, however, I have been testing Hypnology and it has proved robust. I cannot find any element of my (considerable) experience which contradicts or cannot be explained by Hypnology. Which all sounds terribly dry, I’m sure, but Hypnology informs the way you practice, and helps you be a better therapist, with better results and a better reputation amongst your patients. That’s why I think it is important.

It’s one thing having a lot of devices – and I shall probably introduce you to things like Trench Therapy, and the Poison Arrow, or the Point and Go induction and the Garage Deepener – but knowing why, when and how to use them is crucial to good practice.

The second big topic does not have a catchy name yet. I’ll try to invent one before the seminar. It is an heretical understanding of the nature of habits, and will revolutionise the way you treat patients for everything from smoking cessation to weight loss, from nail-biting to cocaine addiction, from gambling to porn.

This is a seminar; not a workshop. I will teach for a day and a half. I won’t be stopping after 15 minutes so you can pair-off and practise on each other. Bring a notebook. Sunday afternoon will take the form of Group Supervision.”


We’ve had speakers before, but this one is incredibly special because it’s so rare for Barry to travel and present such innovative material. This will most likely be the only seminar he holds for the next few years, and possible the only seminar he ever holds in Belgium.

Because this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, we anticipate the seats will fill up fast. If you want to learn from one of the world’s best Clinical Hypnotherapists, reserve your spot quickly before all the seats are filled. Space is limited.

If you hesitate, they may be sold out. Click below to reserve your spot now!


Receive Credits, Continue your education.

This seminar is certificated and qualifies for supervision and CPD credits with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), and as CPD credits for the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), the Association of Professional Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists (APHP) and the National Guild of Hypnotists (USA). The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) recognises it as a master classes and grants CPD credits accordingly.

Testimonials and what people say about Barry Thain's work and teachings

Hello everyone,
I fixed someone today in one session.
That is I 'believe that to be a true statement' but because I never do single sessions. I will be checking the work and also keeping contact with the patient over the next few months. And even then of course I am aware of 'revisitation' so will keep that door open also.
I should mention that the protocol I used with this client was one first written up by Barry Thain (about 4 years ago?) which he called:'The Poisoned Arrow'.
I can actually remember reading about Barry using this to work with a client and instantly thinking to myself:
"Yep, that would work well!"
I have used it about a dozen times now and it has never failed to get a good result. Albeit I believe the therapist needs to be experienced to know who is best to receive this particular protocol and of course how.
Indeed it is so good I would like to publicly ask Barry to write in up. Perhaps even film a session.
Anyway, I gleefully recommend this to every practitioner out there. It really is a wonderful piece of therapy.
Bob Burns
Dearest Barry,

I thank you so very much for the seminar yesterday. I took so much away with me and experienced so much whilst there.

I find your down-to-earth and unassuming yet powerful presence inspiring. Yours is the first 'gathering' that I have been to, in many years of attending seminars, workshops, talks, trainings, etc. etc. etc. as part of my personal and professional development, where I have been shown in practical ways on 'how to' apply my various trainings and skills base, in other words, your presentation on methods of work. It is what was the missing key for me.

Anyway, Barry, once again, a huge and humongous and heart-felt 'thank you' for gifting me the post-session hypnotic suggestion which was for me to go out and be the best that I can be.? Believe me, I will as I am definitely 'unblocked'.

With the warmest of regards and to prod your anti-mystical bent: 'With Love, Light & Gratitude'


Hello Barry

Thanks again for yesterday. As usual, your iconoclastic and eccentric style (they always call you "mad" until you succeed, then they call you "eccentric") is wonderful.

I must share with you a compliment that Jonathan Chase paid you. Talking to me, he said, "We are the best in the business. The only reason we are the best is because Barry doesn't teach."

A few other people paid you some warming compliments when speaking to me.

So, you've done well.

Warm wishes to you and the family,


"We are the best in the business. The only reason we are the best is because Barry doesn't teach."

Jonathan Chase

Hello Barry

Thank you for a very profitable Saturday workshop. I found your presentation informative, practical and enjoyable. It was a day and worth every penny. You have sharpened my focus on the activity of hypnotherapy and I now feel obliged to review my ideas on the subject.

If you were running a training course, I would enrol!

Please keep me informed of future workshop opportunities.

With every best wish and once again many thanks


Thank you Barry for an inspiring training day. You confirmed a lot of things about hypnosis that had been troubling me since I qualified in 1997. Thank you for restoring my faith in the magic. I have performed a lot of miracles using approaches which rely on spoken feedback. I now have more faith in the use of IMR’s as you have given me the much needed get out with the "try a bunch of inductions" approach.

My colleague and I both hope to join in the monthly supervision sessions when we can make it.

May have to change my website now!

Many thanks


Finally back in France,

Will write later, for the moment, I think this little ditty expresses my feelings and those of those who had the opportunity to share your experiences, humanity, sincerity, spirituality and a totally aligned bullshit meter.

Thanks a billion for being so forthright and honest.

As the girls I informed about the course have each said, you provided within one day, everything that they should have been presented with during their initial trainings but nobody ever bothered or even knew how to do so.

You've proved an inspiration to so many who had become frustrated, tired and burnt out with antiquated systems which simply didn't and haven't provided all of the superficial hype and ego wanking that came forth from bar stools at the front of training rooms.

Above all thanks for just being you.


Hi Barry

It was a great day yesterday, and what came across to me was how you differ from so many others that I’ve met. You don’t affiliate yourself with one school of hypnotherapy, or one grand unified approach that’s ‘better’ than others, there’s no scripts, no official set structure, lots of improvisation...and lots of compassion and empathy etc. .etc. AND you work immediately with the subconscious.

I’ve learnt alot and will be changing a few things I do going forward, so I thank you for that.?

Many thanks once again


Barry's seminar was honest, passionate, compassionate, and truly a day of learning that every hypnotherapist should see. When the DVD is available I would recommend that it becomes compulsory viewing.


Dear Barry

Thank you so much for a truly inspirational day, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, I learnt a lot .

I really liked your teaching style and your honest and open approach.




Location: Antwerp

Tulip Inn
Potvlietlaan 2
2600 Berchem

General info

You can stay at a fair price at the Tulip Inn hotel in Antwerp. Book your stay at
To keep the price of this seminar reasonable : lunch, drinks and accommodation prices are not included. There are however good places to eat nearby.
Prerequisites & Language
A basic understanding of hypnosis is recommended to be able to attend this seminar. This seminar will be provided in English.
You'll receive a certificate of attendance upon completing this two-day seminar.
40% Discount
If your practice is located within Flanders, you are eligible to get a 40% discount. Click here for more information. Our registration number for the 'KMO-P' discount is DV.O219903