Hypnosis to Overcome Fear of Courts and Judges


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Are you called in for a court appearance?

Are you afraid that you will panic when you enter the courtroom or when you see the judge?

People who work every day in the court of law will probably find courtrooms to be normal. The rest of us, whether we are called as a juror, as a witness, as a victim of a crime, or as a suspect, will tend to find it very scary. This is not accidental.

Why courtrooms intimidate people

Governments deliberately make courts very formal, and intimidating places. They want everyone who enters them to understand how important the law is. One way to do this is by establishing courts in the form of these huge, impressive buildings, and even in a very simple courtroom, the arrangement of the furniture and the way in which the court officials speak, and act often makes it very formal.

So, if you feel rather nervous and anxious about appearing in court, this is quite normal. However, even if it’s normal for you, it could be very uncomfortable as you may be concerned about the outcome. Will you be able to speak quietly and clearly when asked? If you find it difficult to speak to strangers, it will then probably be twice as difficult in such a setting.

So, what can you do to prepare yourself in advance so that the whole event will be as smooth and as easy as possible?

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you to eliminate your fear of courtrooms or judges

THE PROBLEM: You know that you are safe in a courtroom, and you want to defend yourself or your client without getting nervous. But you have a strong fear that’s out of your control.

THE SOLUTION: Using hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind, especially that part of you that causes your anxiety. We will program your subconscious mind and therefore solve the problem at its source. All this is done with the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

After our hypnosis sessions, you will notice the following:

  • You will quickly learn how to relax very deeply
  • You will generally start to feel much more relaxed about courtrooms
  • You will quietly carry out the practical steps required of you during a court process
  • You will feel an inner sense of reassurance
  • You will feel much more confident, and you will deal with the situation in a proper manner.

Book a session now and give yourself the best preparation you can get.